Its been years since i visited and write on this blog, but for some unknown reason i decided to check it again. Probably because i got all the time in the world or in some layman’s term i’m just bumming around since 9 am this morning and surfing the net and checking all my social media account. The truth is i got a lot of paper works that i’d brought home but i decided to skip it and not actually work on the entire weekend and just update my social media, Imagine 3 days of no work, so here i am finding myself sitting on this ottoman and blogging. For someone whose not socially web active person like me, suffice it to say that i have been quite active lately with my twitter, instagram and facebook. I find my self again interacting with my friends and relative and frankly its been quite refreshing and funny…I actually don’t have any idea on what i should write. I mean it’s been years, actually to be exact it’s been 6 years already since i wrote on this blog so forgive me if my brain is been kinda rusty hihihi…6 years is really quite a lot to crack my brain on some mind blowing thoughts…or to do a reflection on my self or in my life..And i really don’t want to bored you with unimportant stuff so instead i’ll try to do something different..They say that what you thought or write is a reflection of yourself and i’m not sure if its really true though..What’s true is i’m wasting my time blogging and i’m not even sure what i should be blogging about and for all i know not a single person would be interested in reading see what a waste of time it is lol…Anyways back to this unimportant stuff, since i’ve been a music fanatic as in literally i live and breathe for music especially the 80’s music, my days wouldn’t be complete without listening to my fave kind of music. So i guess its only fittings to blog about it..I’m actually listening to my all time LSS which is “first love never dies” by eugene wilde and joanna gardner while updating this stupid blog of mine..i know cheeeeesy right!!!hehehe…But sorry to disappoint you that’s not the song i will blog about…actually its a really really old parody song that i found on youtube just i think a week ago and for the life of me i couldn’t recall how i bump on this particular song and the singer is freaking really really seriously gooood…she’s practically a word genius, i mean at first i have no idea what she’s signing about cause she’s kinda have an accent, not until i check the lyrics and oh boy she’s really good with rhyming with words.Now as shameful as it is it kinda stuck in my brain and i kinda memorized the song. Its actually freaking hilarious specially the emo part it really crack me up cause sometime in my not so distant youthful life i’m like her, i’m really that emo if you want to laugh for just a couple of minutes just check out her kesha tik tok parody..i mean you wont regret wasting just a couple of your minutes watching her cause she’s practically really freaking hilariously goood…so heres the link ;D

CLOSURE…how time flies so fast..I can’t believe that a decade had already past.In just a couple hours 2009 will finally be over. A year that i must say had a lot of highs and lows. A year that you would gladly put in the past after all that’s were they should stay in the past. A decade were you gain some and lose quite alot. A decade that made you grown up fast. A decade that  made you decide where you want to go in life. You got to admit this decade was never been easy from the start.  A decade that made you question about life, about god, your faith, your sanity, your whole being. Saying goodbye wasn’t quite that easy but sometimes you really don’t have the choice on the matter. You have to in order for you to move on. Just like change goodbye is inevitable. I must say you really changed quite a lot in those years that past.

Your mind may never understand it but your heart does. You been sleepwalking through life for so long but know its time to move on. You said it yourself learn from the past live for today and hope for the future and hope that future is far better than the past.

   Defying Gravity(its never too late to follow your dream)

Maybe you made a lot of mistakes in the past which is quite more than you hope for but that doesn’t make you less of a person. Maybe your pain is much deeper than the rest but hey you came out pretty all right.You absolutely did it!!!! What you are right now and what you will become someday, there’s no one to thank for but yourself a fter all it is you yes yourself that has been your number one fan all along. You inspired yourself not just to do good but far better than good. As you say goodbye to the old you and saying hello to the brandnew you. Actually your just saying hello to the far better old you. So to the brandnew old you A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR and i hope you get want you been wishing for.What we all been wishing for. Your own piece of heaven here on earth!!!! 🙂

You already taken the first step. The next shouldn’t be that hard after all. Don’t you dare doubt your abilities. Don’t you dare back out on me now. Its not your thing. You weren’t a coward to begin with and nor will you be. Making a change is inevitable. Its beyond your control. You got nothing to lose except your precious time but its all in a good cause. Haven’t you learned already that stupid damn pride of yours wouldn’t get you the happiness you so long for. It’s time! it’s been long over due so let it go! You two can both play that game but in the end does it really matter? i guess not! You know from the start what you need to do so do it now before it was too late..Don’t think just act and let your marshmallow heart of yours do the guiding!

On my way home i had a weird conversation with the taxi driver. Actually it wasn’t weird at all its just he startled me. Out of nowhere he asked me Neng bakit parang ang lungkot mo yata??(why do i looked so sad??) im used being called ma’am or ms but never neng. I mean at my age who would have thought that im still a neneng..He probably thought im just 20 plus something lady so i guess i should take it as a compliment and be flattered about it or maybe that’s what he usually call his lady passenger “neng”. Then i remember saying di po and he suddenly reply ah gutom ka siguro noh? (maybe you’re hungry?) and when i told him No, i already had my dinner with my berks before going home medjo pagod lang (just tired that’s all). He asked me where do you work? and i told him at a construction firm and then we talk and talk and came up with the same conclusion that our government is famous for corruption and no matter where agency you are dealing with they’re all the same. You have to give them an advance money or more common as SOP before they tend to your needs or before they do any of your bidding. Its a sad reality but the fact remain the same that its a reality that most of us often face with especially if you often deal with government people and we couldn’t help it. Maybe because were a developing country and corruption is a common practice in a developing country like us or simply its really how our system works. The taxi driver who drove me home said he used to work in malacanang. He acknowledged the fact that its a kind of virus that is difficult to cure or remove. Were immune to it that we already think that its okay even if  the truth is its really not okay!! We tolerate it cause we don’t know how to deal with it. How can you fight a system that can be bend. Like an air we breathe, an oasis in a desert that we couldn’t live without.Not an appropriate word to describe corruption but for those people in our government agency who live and breathe with it that’s exactly the word for it. Its their own private oasis. When and how  it would stop? That i really don’t have an answer. All i know is it takes an extra ordinary man to change the system. You’re probably thinking what it’s got to do with my title post? Well before the driver interrupted my train of  thought maybe im probably really looked sad that moment in time. Its because i was suddenly thinking of the curse or rather the family curse the demanding queen once told us during a family gathering that she believed that’s already happening and i was asking my self is there a possibility to it that it could be true?? is it really already happening..well there’s no use thinking about it.curse or no curse all i know is you make your own destiny in life and no amount of curse can ever change that..but what i do believed is karma and not on some kind of curse..:)


As a semtimental fool as i am and more often than not you could have easily persuade me to do more of your bidding if you just  know which button to click. Im not as hard as you think i am. A simple smile could easily win me over or even a cup of coffee could do the trick especially in the morning. Im maybe difficult but not that difficult if you just tried even harder. I already wasted a lot of my time making demand for myself to be the perfect human being as possible and maybe it wasn’t worth it..not a single of it!! I wouldn’t dream of wasting another precious of my time thinking of what could have been or what it might been if my stupid pride didn’t get in the way. As the page of your book finally come to an end so does a great love story thats already been long finished before it even starts.  But just so you know it isn’t  too late to try and make it possible. Knowing that your heart were on the right track destiny simply couldn’t stand a chance.. 🙂

valentine's day

feel the magic of love again..

Another stellar hollywood  “A” lister will hit the big screen come february 12 next year. As i am doing my usual stuff checking the www for some latest buzz on my fave celebrity. It came to my attention that there was actually a new Julia Roberts movie with the title ”VALENTINE’S DAY” that will hit the big screen by february next year. I must admit im a closet Julia Roberts Fanatic hehe…

Pretty Woman 2notting hill 2

Ever since i watched her spectacular performance in  “Pretty Woman” by playing the role of a beautiful  hooker name Vivian Ward co-staring the dashing hollywood gigolo Richard Gere as a rich ruthless business man name Edward Lewis who hires a prostitute as an escort and in the process falls madly in love with her. Kinda modern day cinderella finally finding her prince charming on the street of hollywood. And what about that famous ”NOTTING HILL” movie which she’s also been famous for. The world famous Anna Scott who falls inlove on an ordinary bookshop guy with an extra ordinary heart name William Thacker. From the street of hollywood boulevard up to the brit upscale notting hill love find its way..

Runaway Bride 2My Best Friends Wedding 2

And who would have forgot the famous Maggie Carpenter and Ike Graham and the famous running shoes in “RUNAWAY BRIDE” always a bride but somehow never made it on saying the word I DO. A country girl next door who doesn’t know what kind of eggs she likes. And then there was the famous Julianne Potter and Micheal Oneal and ofcourse the very famous gay George in the movie  “MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING”. A woman who would stop at nothing just to stop her best friend from marrying someone else. And then there  was George who would do everything that made her realized what true love is really all about. Last but not the least was theERIN BROCKOVICH” movie which i totally forgot what it is all about but never the less won her first Oscar Award for a female lead role. From the creator that  brought you the famous ”PRETTY WOMAN” and ”RUNAWAY BRIDE” movies comes another Garry Marshall movie that im pretty sure that would definitely put your mood into valentine’s fever even if its only the month of november simply by watching the teaser trailer which i happen to saw in you tube.  I checked the trailer and i was trilled that it got a whole bunch of famous celebrity on it ofcourse with no less than Julia Roberts itself.

I sure hope that the movie is way much better than the trailer.Okay so i been expecting alot on this movie since its been such a long time since i watched a julia roberts chick flicks movie..

I wasn’t a huge fan of sir elton john, never have been and never will be. But needless to say it doesn’t change the fact that his a music genius and i have respected him for that. People could say all the bad stuff about the man for simply having an implacable temper or for having an armalite voice that can cut through your heart with no remorse whatsoever base on what i heard or what i read in the newspaper. I really don’t know him.I really don’t have the slightest idea about the man he was or the man that he is. All i know is he happen to  sang one of my favorite song. The song “YOUR SONG” . If you must think about it. Its kinda goes down to the category of birthday song. I don’t know why but for some reason i think of it as a birthday song. There were alot of version of this song. First ofcourse is the original version by elton john. I must say not your favorite kind of voice but it weren’t that bad either.

Not that i don’t like his voice its more likely that its not my cup of tea. Frankly speaking his voice is better than fine but not that fine for my own ears. Well they say that the original version is much better than the revival but i must disagree on this one. I find the other version much amusing for my hearing. I say his ten times a better song writer than a singer. Ofcourse its just a matter of perspective not that i want you to agree with me. Why would i ever do that!

Then there is this version by ronan keating with elton john. Wasn’t that bad either but it kinda rough and that there is something about it that’s lacking. Somehow you don’t get the feel of it. What the song really trying to convey.

And then there it was the ewan mcgregor version and you now  know in your heart everything seems perfect. Finally!!! everything seems crystal clear and you finally get to feel the true meaning of the word.  Not that ewan mcgregor had a bed room voice that would swept you off your feet. Its nothing like that at all. Its the way on how he sings the song that made the difference. I don’t know maybe because his a much better actor or maybe its just the way it is. When you get down to it. Who cares??? all i know is i love ewan mcgregor version much better and you couldn’t do a single damn thing about it.  😛